Lean Body Mass Calculator

Lean body mass (LBM), sometimes conflated with fat-free mass, is a component of body composition.

Lean Body Mass Calculator

Lean Body Mass Calculator


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What is Lean Body Mass ?

Lean body mass (LBM) refers to the weight of everything in the body except for fat. It includes the weight of muscles, bones, organs, skin, and other tissues that are essential for the body’s functioning. LBM is often used as an indicator of the amount of muscle mass in the body, and is an important component in various health and fitness assessments, such as body composition analysis, nutritional assessment, and exercise programming.

Lean body mass is important because it plays a crucial role in overall health, physical performance, and metabolism. Higher LBM is generally associated with better muscle strength, increased metabolic rate, improved insulin sensitivity, and better overall health outcomes. Calculating and monitoring lean body mass can be useful in setting fitness goals, designing personalized exercise and nutrition plans, and tracking progress over time.

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