Dosha Quiz

This is a simple three dosha quiz. Discover your Ayurvedic constitution with the Three Doshas Quiz. 

Know your Ayurvedic Constitution-Three Dosha Quiz

Three Dosha Quiz

Question 1:

Body Structure:

I am generally thin and have a light frame.
I have a medium build, with moderate muscle development.
I have a sturdy and broad build, with a tendency to gain weight.

Question 2:


I have a variable appetite and tend to skip meals.
I have a strong and steady appetite.
I have a slow and steady appetite, and can go long periods without eating.

Question 3:

Preferred Environment:

I prefer warm and tropical environments.
I enjoy moderate climates with a balance of warmth and coolness.
I prefer cooler and dry environments.

Question 4:

Sleep Pattern:

I have a light and interrupted sleep.
I have a moderate and uninterrupted sleep.
I have a deep and prolonged sleep.

Question 5:

Energy Level:

I have a tendency to be hyperactive and have bursts of energy.
I have a moderate and steady level of energy.
I have a calm and steady level of energy.

Question 6:

Memory and Learning:

I have a quick grasp of information but tend to forget easily.
I have a good memory and can retain information well.
I have a slow and steady learning process, but once I learn something, it stays with me.

Question 7:

Emotional Stability:

I am prone to anxiety, worry, and fear.
I am generally balanced and have a good emotional stability.
I am calm, patient, and rarely get disturbed emotionally.

Question 8:

Digestive System:

I have a tendency for gas, bloating, and irregular digestion.
I have a strong digestion and rarely experience digestive issues.
I have a slow digestion and sometimes experience heaviness after meals.

Question 9:

Exercise Preference:

I enjoy fast-paced and dynamic exercises.
I prefer moderate and rhythmic exercises.
I enjoy slow and steady exercises, like walking or yoga.

Question 10:

Temperature Preference:

I prefer warm and cozy environments.
I am comfortable in moderate temperatures.
I prefer cooler environments.

Question 11:

Skin Type:

I have dry and rough skin.
I have sensitive and fair skin.
I have oily and smooth skin.

Question 12:


I tend to be indecisive and have a changeable mind.
I make decisions quickly and stick to them.
I make decisions slowly but once decided, I stick to them.

Question 13:


I am very flexible, both physically and mentally.
I am moderately flexible, both physically and mentally.
I am less flexible, both physically and mentally.

Question 14:

Sexual Appetite:

I have variable sexual appetite and desire.
I have a moderate and steady sexual appetite.
I have a slow and steady sexual appetite.

Question 15:

Body Temperature:

I tend to have cold hands and feet.
I have a moderate body temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.
I have a warm body temperature and can tolerate cold weather.


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