Offline Yoga Studio Classes – 6 Months

Original price was: ₹7,200.00.Current price is: ₹6,599.00.

Find balance, relieve stress and be aware of your body. Learn yoga the easy way!

  • Max 9 individuals at a time
  • Health Analysis
  • Know your Constitution
  • Ayurveda Essentials
  • Preparation of Healthy Foods
  • Personal Healthy Meal Plan
  • Personal Yoga Plan
  • Advance Meditation Techniques/Tratak/Yog Nindra
  • Advance Pranayam Techniques
  • Body detox with Yogic/Ayurvedic Principle

Limited spaces only. Booking is advisable. Drop-ins are welcome where space is available.

For bookings, contact at +91 9109642638

Ayush Yadav
Ayush Yadav
Life changing experience. Eternally grateful for Keshav sir and friends at My Yoga Ayurveda.
It is a good initiative.
Markandey Yadav
Markandey Yadav
It's really amazing. I joined Yoga classes in April 2022 physically as I was posted in Jabalpur. After one Month I was transferred to Rewa and I decided to continue classes online because I have seen it's benefits during April 2022 . I am regularly joining the Yoga session even after transfer in Lucknow. It's really very much beneficial for me as I have get rid of many health related issues like acidity, body pain, lethargic body gestures etc. My Cholestrol levels are within range which was on very higher side earlier. It's most amazing benefit is Sound sleep and cool mind. Even after working whole day and traveling I don't feel tired. My overall approach to life has become more realistic, positive and enjoyable. I have added many others to Yoga classes and all of them are satisfied due to improvement in their health and overall well-being. Acharya ji has very good knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda and He prescribes solutions to health related issues to any member. I wish for Great success of Yoga Ayurveda as it's doing good job for all of us. I strongly recommend every one to join it and see himself/ herself amazing benefits. Regards Markandeya Yadav Regional Head Union Bank of India Lucknow
Archana Tiwari
Archana Tiwari
It's really amazing experience... I would recommend everyone to join yoga.
Vanshika Dubey
Vanshika Dubey
I had the great experience with "MY YOGA ARURVEDA".Sir has taught us lots of new things and guided us in various aspects. Classroom has the great environment and it feels very good when we do yoga there.We have done yoga near to nature also when we go for outdoor yoga sessions . Love to be the part of "MY YOGAARURVEDA".
Vijay Dwivedi
Vijay Dwivedi
I have been attending My Yoga Ayurveda’s scheduled classes regularly. Ever since I have joined them, I feel good with a boost in my concentration power, stamina in my life and an increase in positive thinking. Right from the very get go, I have felt an influx of flexibility and coolness in my life through Yogacharya’s aasan. I feel like the methods and techniques by Yogacharya drive me every day. The special yoga, along with the prescribed seasonal and natural diet benefit me in my day-to-day and long term life. I thank My Yoga Ayurveda for this newfound energy, activeness and concentration in my work.

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